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Sometimes …

Sometimes in life you need to sit on the edge,

eat an ice-cream and simply watch things pass you by.

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Saying Goodbye to a Pet

20 years ago at a Humane Society in Chicago a talkative yellow tabby threw himself against his cage making his voice and presence known to me. Only 5 months old, he was determined, adorable and cuddly. We took him home in a white cardboard box as he meowed loudly. Gabby I thought … so we named him Gabe.

Over the years he was my companion. With me during my pregnancy, sprawled out on my belly for hours. He was unlike a typical aloof cat, ┬áhis personality was more like a dog. He adjusted to our quickly changing lives and welcomed the addition of our two children and eventually a yellow lab “Pacer” who wanted to be new his best friend (even thought he wasn’t having it). Gabe ruled the house and yet was the ideal calming mate if the kids had a bad day. They’d cuddle him close, hold him like a baby and crawl into bed.


So, after 20 years Gabe left us. Quickly he went, and with all of us surrounded around him. He died in my lap, wrapped in a blanket, in route to the vet.

Today my kids peered out the car window and saw clouds forming a heart in the sky. They believe that Gabe is sending them his love from heaven. I’m sure he is.

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