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His Kickstarter project started a little over a month ago and with much interest and support was fully funded within 48 hours!

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Around this time I offered to create the logo and web site for Jack’s  film project!



That Bites

First came the logo … then the web site!




“My goal with my feature length documentary, titled: “That Bites!”, is to raise awareness about food allergies – I am going to try and make my documentary a part of school assemblies to teach kids about food allergies – and I hope to be able to also raise money for FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) organization, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit group. I am asking for your help and support to finish this important project. My movie means a lot to me and I think it will help people understand the fears and frustrations that food allergy sufferers face everyday.”  

Jack Yonover

Translating Trends

Inspiration for design always begins somewhere. And every designer must find their own source of inspiration.

My inspiration has always been fashion. As a teen I sat in my room with stacks of fashion magazines. I clipped and pasted boards together and then saved the worn out publications for years. Trends always manage to walk off the runway and ultimately will convert to trends we see in various industries.  From graphic design to event styling and even interior design.

This spring we are seeing a huge trend with FLORALS … needless to say I’m thrilled! There are modern takes on the floral as we see it being paired with black … creating a romantic and edgy feel. Then we see soft tones of blue, golds and corals which create a sophisticated and elegant vintage inspired palette.

From these images we can pull color palettes and select a font that best represents the feeling of the fashion.

Blog Spring1

Blog Spring2

What Inspires YOU?

I AM creatively inspired by all things. Patterns and colors … they all lead me to want to create something. Whether that something is a photo capturing a moment, or an idea for a personal video project… the visuals provide the opportunity for my mind to think outside of the box and be willing to push the boundaries.

Something fulfills me when I can visually see the results of my creations. A project from start to finish and one that holds meaning for me… that is the ultimate goal. As we head into 2014 I have new creations that I’d like to tackle, those that I have yet to explore but are on my “bucket list”.



Balancing work, family, everyday life and finding that time for “me” is going to be my goal for 2014. Because I recognize that I am at “my best” when I am creatively fulfilled and inspired as well as well rested (another goal for 2014).

What are you goals for 2014? What fulfills you?

Some of my favorite personal and professional projects from 2013 include …


Logo Development/Branding:


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Still Optimistic at 97

DSCN9405As far back as I can remember he has been studious, thoughtful and full of wisdom. My grandfather is now 97 years old and is still the same. Battling poor eyesight and heart failure yet he still provides wonderful insight as to how to stay inspired.

He and my grandmother have been married 70 years. A true testament to the vows they took on their wedding day as well as the deep admiration they have for one another. She reads to him daily from various publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times as well as the New England Medical Journal. They have in depth conversations which he states “cheers me up when I’m feeling down… I’m doing what I am passionate about and enjoy”.

My grandfather retired at 67 years old from dean of New York Medical College. This made him ”the oldest of the medical school deans” until his retirement. ”I’ll stay on in an advisory capacity,” he said, ”and work with the Health and Hospitals Division of the Archdiocese.”  (Source:  The New York Times “At Medical College, View is Optimistic) Since his retirement he continued to stay on the advisory board for many many more years and was and still is a valuable resource of information for many at the college.

Our conversation this past weekend ended with this statement from him. I believe it’s a good reminder that we can be rich doing what we enjoy doing … what makes us feel fulfilled.

“I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did what I enjoyed doing. Practicing medicine, taking care of people and teaching.”  Samuel H. Rubin, M.D.


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